Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Gifts and Movies

We started on the Christmas gifts for John's family today finally.  Took white paint buckets and applied alcohol ink to them to give them a marbled look.  I plan on making some Cinnamon Pecans on Christmas Eve to fill the tins with.  Meanwhile, I still have ALL of the presents to wrap.  At least I am off work on Christmas Eve....

So, John bought me a Blu-Ray player for Christmas and we have been using it already.  We watched the funniest movie I have seen in a LONG time: The Hangover.  It was SO RIDICULOUSLY funny.....I laughed so hard.  We're watching Star Trek now.  So far it's pretty good....It's amazing how many people I recognize from other roles in it.  Dr. Cameron from House plays Kirk's mom and Winona Ryder plays Spock's mom....Ben Cross who I recognize from First Knight is in there too.

Off to finish the movie....

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