Saturday, August 4, 2012


I tell you, life has been uber crazy lately....It seems like I don't have any time to do anything.  Here it is already August and I feel like the year has flown by!! 

I haven't had much creative time lately, which isn't good because my first craft show is early October and I have nothing done....

I did sell a few things in town...a few domino magnets and some glitter jars....The main item I plan on selling at Oktoberfest are glittered ornaments, but I can't get ornaments yet...  :(  Still looking for them...

Since my last post, I've been to see Elvis with Raine.....

We had a wonderful girls weekend in Memphis....spending one day with the King at Graceland.  This was Raine's first time there, my fourth....We were VIPs there, got a 'private' shuttle across to the mansion and a special exhibit at the mansion.  Never get tired of going to Graceland...It always seems that there is a new exhibit everytime I go there!

Last weekend, I had pit tickets with Alicia to see our favorite band, Rascal Flatts, in Chicago.  One word for this: AMAZING!!  I don't think I will ever get over the experience! 

Talk about close!  Phew!  Alicia even got 'sweated' on by Joe Don....LOL

These are some of my favorite pics from the concert.  These were taken with no zoom used on the camera....Can you believe it?

Well, I'm off to my latest addiction now: the couch for the Olympics...I just can't get enough!!

Hope to get some crafting done this weekend!  Or maybe I will spend another weekend engrossed with Christian Grey....

Laters baby.  ;)

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