Sunday, March 28, 2010

Copic Certified!

Very excited about the class I took today!  I took a Copic marker certification class today and loved it.  I was skeptical to begin with because I needed to know what was so special about the Copics...Now I know...They are AWESOME!  They don't leave lines if done correctly and can be used on almost anything!  I am really looking forward to using them in my paper crafting!

I went to the Memories Scrapbooking Expo with Jen and her fam this weekend.  It was fun!  I have never been to this one before and it was worth it!  I spent way too much money but didn't spend the most.  :)  Lots of new toys to play with including the Pixie Plus sewing machine for paper crafters!

I am super excited about this machine as I have ALWAYS wanted to sew on my layouts.  When I first started scrapbooking, I bought a little sewing machine for $10 and it never worked.  I would get half away across the layout and it would come unthreaded.  This one is geared towards crafters like myself.  I'll have fun playing with it this week!

I also got some more Tim Holtz stamps (of course) and lots of cardstock for a bargain!  There were tons of things I wanted to buy but resisted (especially the Slice).

Going to go watch some of my shows now....Taking it easy tonight and then the rest of the week I need to catch up from the week I was sick.  Lots of housework to do and a little time to do it...  Ugh....Anyone have a magic wand that I can wave to get the housework done??  Haha!

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