Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's been a long time....

Sometimes I forget about my blog....It seems like I have forgotten for the past 6 months....Oops...

Lots has happened to me in the past 6 months!  I FINALLY got to meet Rascal Flatts (YES!) in Chi-town with my bestie Alicia!  So amazing!!  :)  I took three FANTABULOUS classes from Tim Holtz and learned some awesome techniques.  I got to attend Summer CHA with my work, which was so enlightening, incredible, and educating.  It was so neat to see all the new products before the consumer did!  I don't know how we narrowed our selections down, but we got some amazing things!

Some not so good news...Decided to visit a chiropractor on a whim to see if she could help with the neck pain and discomfort.  Turns out I have a lot more going on in my back and neck then I knew.  Basically, my vertebrae are degenerating (YAY) and I already have arthritis in my neck.  The visits seem to be helping though as my discomfort level in my neck has decreased a smidge. 

I plan on teaching a lot more in the next couple of months.  It's a good way to earn a little extra moolah and also helps build my resume for my goal of attending Ranger U next year...  I have a lot of ideas floating around in this little head of mine.....Now to just get those ideas working and into an actual project.

I'm looking forward to our next Gatlinburg trip this month.  Can't wait to see all the autumn colors and smell the clean Smoky Mountain air.  I love being in the mountains....  It's so nice to see nature at its best.  The streams, trees, plants, and wildlife, when your lucky, just take my breath away.  Last March, we saw quite a few animals in the park, including a wolf.  So amazing!  Looking forward to spending some quality time with the hubby, except of course when he decides to go to the haunted houses....Not my cup of tea.

I do believe I need to go and finish my movie....and maybe grab a blankie!  It's COLD!!!

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