Thursday, June 9, 2011


My coworker/friend Laura and I are thinking about getting a booth at the local crafts fair to sell our handmade things.  She will be selling altered/paintied items and me....well.. I don't, tags, what do I make that people would want to buy?  And can I get motivated to make them....?

I know my main problem is my craft room.  With the wonderful Ohio heat and humidity, my craft room's temperature isn't really conducive to crafting...  Way too hot!!  So my craft room is getting moved downstairs to our current family room, which is moving out to the dining room.  And we are finally getting our theater room!!!  Woohoo!!

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at Scrap and Spa.  Probably my 2nd favorite destination on the planet at the moment....This was my 3rd trip there and I took two buddies, Jen and Sherrie, with me and met Alicia....We also had some ladies from the store go too.  We had a GREAT weekend, even though it was raining most of the time.... We went to St. Julian's Winery Retail Store and did a wine tasting...  I only came home with 2 bottles, granted I could have bought a few more.  Lots of yummy, sweet weakness and Blackberry wine....yummo! 

I got 20 layouts done, which wasn't impressive, but here's a looky at some of them:

Well, I'm off to finish Season 3 of True Blood so I'm refreshed for the 4th season which starts in a few weeks!!  Can't wait!!!

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