Saturday, September 24, 2011

I need a vacation....

Our yearly excursion to Tennessee can't come soon enough!!  I love the Smokies in TN so much...I'd actually love to live down there someday in the mountains.....Maybe when we retire!!

Since we're less than a month out from vacation, I decided to post a recent layout from our trip last year!

This is part of a two page layout that I did for some of the many pictures from our October 2010 trip to the Smokies.  John and I went on a hike up at Clingman's dome and also near a creek just inside the park.  We were there over Halloween last year and the colors were phenomenal!  I could never take enough pictures of the foliage down there!  So many beautiful colors.....And it seems like we don't have those colors here in Ohio...

We're going back again next month, a little earlier than we went last year, but it will still be just as beautiful.  We're going with hubby's mom and step-dad, and his little nephew Will.  Will is 4 and an absolute riot so I am sure that we will have a blast down there with him.

We've rented a cabin with a spectacular view and I am so looking forward to time away from everything.  It'll be nice to relax after Oktoberfest and get a little breather from work...We're going to G-burg and Pigeon Forge and of course all of the touristy things: WonderWorks, Magiquest, Ripley's Aquarium.  And of course we're going to play lots of Putt-Putt....I can't wait to wake up in the morning and sit on the porch and see this view:

Off to finish watching the Bucks and then to the craft room to finish work on Oktoberfest.  Later! 

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