Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have been absent from the blogging world for 2 months!  EEEK!  Lots has happened in those two months....My dear aunt was hospitalized for about 5 weeks.  They still aren't completely sure what was wrong but I'm happy to say she is recuperating in a rehab facility now.  (And back to her spirited self, I might add...) 

I've been quite the traveler so far this year...Two trip to West Virginia to see my aunt, a trip to Chicago to see the bestie, a work trip to Las Vegas, and numerous trips to Columbus....And that's just the beginning of my travels this year!  I am definitely going to get some frequent flyer miles this year!

I got a Kindle in January and let me just say I ADORE this little gadget.  I've read more since I have had the Kindle than before..  (And it proved to come in very handy on the plane to Vegas and in the waiting room of the hospital!)  It's so easy to get addicted to the e-books!  And it's so great that I can carry the thing in my purse wherever I go!!

I've also been attempting for like the millionth time to reorganize the Scrap Cave...  It's not really conducive to crafting (especially since I have to share it with the hubby and his XBox...ugh).  So I bought a few more plastic drawer sets and a shelving unit.  We've kind of begun to block of my little area from the rest of the room and so far it's looking good.  It's now just a matter of putting stuff back where I can find it and reach it.   I got a cool little ink tower as a gift to store all my precious Distress inks.  This thing is SO cool.  It holds all 42 distress inks and reinkers as well as a few Distress Stains... and the best thing: it has flaps to cover the inks so it can be transported!!!!  Woohoo!!! I no longer have to take 3 baskets to get all my inks to a location!!  :)

Well, it's late and the pup's snoring so I think that's my cue to hit the sack!!  Nighty night!

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