Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back from vacation....

So we're back from the week in the Smokies....We kept busy all week...Stayed in a gorgeous cabin in Sevierville.  The cabin was on a mountain and the drive up was a little intimidating the first time.  Lots of winding roads and steep climbs..  We think our Jeep is completely ticked off at us now...LOL

We played a lot of putt putt (golf golf as our nephew called it) and rode quite a few go carts.   Also did a lot of eating....and I mean a LOT!  Made our regular stops to the Pancake Pantry, Flapjacks, and The Red Rooster.  And ...I got to go to Paula Deen's kitchen!!  I was so excited to eat there.....Words cannot describe how yummy the food was....Fried Chicken, mac & cheese, meatloaf, and as John said, the best brownies we have ever had.....OMG they were fabulous!!

It was absolutely gorgeous down there.  All the leaves had started to change and temps couldn't be any better.  One day, as we were driving to Cherokee through the park, we encountered snow in the higher elevations.  It definitely was strange to see the sun shining down in the lower elevations and see the snow higher up.

As soon as I get pics uploaded, I will post a few more here....This one was taken on my cell phone of the snow on the ground......

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your week, but even more glad that your back! Can't wait to see all the pictures.