Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A 'bright' tag while eating crow....

Ok...this is for my coworker and friend Laura..  I HATE glue sticks....hate them, loathe them, despise them....As a scrapbooker, my past experience with using a glue stick was an epic failure!  The first scrapbook I ever made was put together using a glue stick....And, I have had to fix it a few times using GOOD adhesive since it was completed...  Glue sticks are horrible and I give Laura crap about loving them so much!  (She's addicted to them....LOL)  So I passionately hate glue sticks....Well, until the day  my boss stumbled upon a inky technique using the Collage Glue Sticks from Ranger.

This technique was featured in an e-mail newsletter that my boss received this week and is from, what is now, one of my new favorite blogs:  The Little Shabby Shed

This technique is so cool!  So cool, that I bought two Collage Glue Sticks....(Did you hear that thud?  That was Laura falling out of her chair...LOL)

Love this technique!  It kind of gives the effect of bleaching, but is much easier!!  I also finally got to use those pesky light bulbs that I've had for what it seems like years!  Love the bulbs, guess I just needed the right project for those light bulbs.  I got an industrial vibe once the tag started taking shape!

I also stamped and dyed the crinkle ribbon in this tag.  I learned my lesson from the last time I dyed the ribbon not to spray so much.  My hand is actually its normal color today!!  LOL  Off to go work on another tag.  Feeling like playing with some green ink and listening to some loud music!


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