Sunday, July 10, 2011

A successful party...

My aunt's 80th party was yesterday and it was a success!  We had 27 people there, not including her.  She had no idea!  Walked in and she didn't realize it was a party for her...  And then when she finally realized it, her jaw dropped.

Saw lots of family I haven't seen in a few years..And a distant relative I have never met drove up for the celebration!  It was really nice to see everyone and that all these people were able to attend.

And the cake...where do I begin?  I went to Bobby D's here in Urbana and Bob made these delicious and tasty cake for me.  Since my Aunt is rather fond of UK basketball, I decided to incorporate that into her cake...As much as it pained me to have a UK cake, it turned out beautiful!!  My aunt and everyone at the party loved it!!

I'm pooped now and I think I am just going to take it easy and watch movies at home. Can't believe the weekend is almost over already!  I vote for Mondays to be included in the weekend!

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